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08 January 2014

Moving to Instagram

Long time no see blogger!! Just checking and spread the news that i am moving to instagram. Visit me on IRENEDOROTHY. See you..

12 December 2011

Non Active

Sorry, lately i become very bad blogger. SO, i decided to vacuum for a while because I do not have time to update the post. My meaning is i will not update this blog again until i dont know when. So, now its officially non-active. Please visit my Heart and heart it. I will post my style, foods, and everything on that link. Thank You. Bye bye and see you soon.

21 November 2011

NEW LOOK. Do you think so?

Holla, longtime ago I have not been writing a new post. I am such a very bad blogger. Its not because i dont want but i dont have too much time to do it now. So now, just posted new look. I dont know, are you realize it or not?But now, I'm not as skinny as before. Do you think so?