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28 February 2010

old dress

when i was clean up my cabinet..i found some old dresses. I like this one very much..i could wear it normally or modif it..

this was the pattern of my dress; it combined with rosario and bangle

i wore it normally, round neck for the front side and the v-neck for the back

i wore it in another way,,the v-neck with the zipper for the front side and the round-neck for the back side..

which one do u like??

what shoul i do??

this sunday is the time for me to open my cabinet and 'BAMZ' it's so full..i must try to bring some out..ouhhhchhh..
But i'm confussed now,,what am i supposed to do with the old dress n clothes??maybe, i must buy a new cabinet for them..

27 February 2010

so touching for haiti

If life was easy, partying wouldn't be so fun, friends wouldn't mean so much, and love wouldn't feel so good.

23 February 2010


nana brought many cupackes to us (her friends in Laboratorium)..The cupcakes were obtained when she celebrating chinese new year or IMLEK and she bring some of them to cute they are..i wanna say thanks to her for some cute cakes..

i ate this one (left pic)

i ate this one too (pic in the middle)

asistant plant biotechnology

when we had break,,we used this chance to take some pic like those..
but not all of the asistant were there..
Align CenterLR: cd, xty, me _ cd, me, xty

LR: novi, cd, xty, me, angel, dewi _ angel, cd, xty, me

we wore same clothes that called jas lab..
if u want to enter the laboratorium, u must wear this..

22 February 2010

girlz time

this morning, i couldn't eat cz i must fast to get the best result for body mass and blood sugar test..Those were done to help my friend, Franky. The data were collected and analyzed for his research..wish you for the best..Those test were done in Nutrifood, Pulo Gadung..
Furthermore, we took some pics cz the interior was so goergous and the atmosphere was so comfortable..

LR: nana, jessica, melanie, yuni, me _ nana, jessica, melanie, yuni, me

@ the Nutrifood's toilet

@ the waiting room

Next destination was Ayam Kremes Kraton @ Boulevard Gading..after we had lunch, melanie and yuni must went home and the others went to MKG, GADING via shuttle bus..we just walking around and nana bought a bag like mine but she chose the blue one..we took some pic @ fashion hub.