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29 March 2010

new design

i have long spare time today so i've decided to make my blog more beautifull.
thx for blogger template dessigner that made me easier to do this. So, what do u think about my blog now.
Leave some comment and advise if u want.

Jogja Jogja

long time no update post..its cz i didnt have time for online cz i must accompanied my sister, wilona to go to Jogja to did UTUL UGM (Ujian tertulis Universitas Gajah Mada)..i spent 3 days there and absolutely shopping in Malioboro and met some friends. But i didint take many pics there,,so these are some of them..

21 March 2010

girls night out A.K.A ladies night

we (me, nana, yuni, febri, melani, jeli) decided to sleepover this weekend @ nana's apartmen..we went there via busway. On the way to there, we did a lot of embarrassing things, for example, my friends started talking with Java language as the new maid came from the village and some other excitement. After arrived, we immediately pulled all the properties that we had brought and tried everything. That night we decided to swim. while others swim, yuni tried to learn to swim with the help of jelly and we also did some water games. After we had dinner together, we did the main plan of sleepover, photo shoot. Before action in front of camera, we did make up together, nana and melani can act as make up asistant especially for yuni and jeli. so, these are some of the pics that we took on that night.

nana, jeli, melani, yuni, febri, me

pictures below were inspired by Gossip Girl photos

my friend, yuni (yellow dress) look like Blair Woldorf in Gossip Girl.

some manequins action from us

Those are some pics with the good atitude from us and these are some pics from the bad side of us..

Yuni was a good girl and three girls on the left were the bad girl..

right pic above and left pic below are the example of brutal action

Those pics are just acting,, actually, I'M NOT a drunks and smokers!
After that, we talk heart to heart and gossip-ing until dawn, 3 A.M in the we decided to slept and on the saturday morning after breakfast, we played in bed and took some pics.

The second photo sesion after last night was only done by six people because yuni must went home earlier. so these are them.

we switch the location of photosesion to the pool side..

Luv u girls.. XOXO