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29 April 2010

cemprut give away

thx for cemprut that invited me to join it..i hope i can win it..

28 April 2010

me on magazine

wow,,,i was supprised when my friend told me that there was my face in HAI magz..
my pic was shown in HAI magz (5-11 april) number 14..
this pic was taken to promotion, introduce, and give an overview of biotechnology.

This pic: me and Cidy were trying to loading and electrophoresis in laboratory. Those process were usually do in molecular lab to verification the result.
Are u curious about biotechology,,just buy the magz or visit here.

CUEX's dinner

monday night,,i was hang out with cuex gank..actually, we had dinner in pizza hut as amel request to celebrate her bday (23 april).

LR: amel,lani,anita,me,cindy_me,cindy,lani,anita,amel

25 April 2010

Fhen invited me to join her giveaway,,so i'm join it..
i hope i can be a winner (cross finger)

anyway,,luv the ring very much..

fifth award

wohoooo,,,i've got 5th award from shatirah ,,check her blog by click her name..
thank you very much..

so,, i will give it to:
anita putri
Nathalie Kartika Putri

23 April 2010

new rings and bracelet

yesterday,,i went to ASEMKA GLODOK for the first time in my life..i went there to bought some stuff as prize for the games in easter event..
after,i've got all of them,,i looking something for me, i found bracelet and two rings that i like very much..especially for peacock-shapped ring, i instantly fell in love at the first sight.

21 April 2010

luv it,,agyness deyn

wow,,ur hair!!! i really really luv ur new hair cut..GREAT!!
click here to see more about her

refreshing in Rome

if u read the title of the post, u should think that i went to Rome,,actually it's not like that..
For now, i am busy with my thesis so i just need a little time to refreshing,,so febri with me have decided to go to cinema to watch When in Rome @ La Piazza, Kelapa Gading. This film is a recomended film, romantic and entertain.

So, these are some pics that we took before we watch it..

After that, we decided to had dinner so we go to Top M cafe and these were our menu..

LR: chicken steak and beef fetucini

These are some pics that we took in the cafe..

and my outfit today was so simple and ordinary

t-shirt: unbranded (Malioboro-Jogjakarta)
Brown Bag: Unbranded (mom's stuff)
Short pants: M.O.S.T
Batik Sandals: unbranded (Arion mall)
Cat ring : Strawberry

20 April 2010

new award again...

i've got this from Aqil Anindityo Raharjo
thx to him
if u want it,,just follow him and leave some comment in his post..

i will forward this award to rimma, hana, and fenty

waw,,,another award again from him..yeyyyy
i luv this award very much cz there are dog's pic..
i really realy luv dogs..
thx very much..

i will forward it to inneke, wilona, and rinda

19 April 2010

new accesories

yesterday, when i was hang out with cuex gank, i bought two rings
1. cat ring that the head of the cat can move to the right and left; the colour is gold
2. one ring that consist of 5 different ring; the colour are silver and pink
I bought the two of them @ strawberry..

so cute,,are they??

sunday night with CUEX GANK

yesterday, sunday night, i was hangging out with 4 of cuex member (my gank in senior high school)..They are cindy, amel, anita, dewanti...We just spent quality time together in MKG, dinner together @ bakmi GM, shopping accessories, walking around mall, and snack @ sour sally..

LR: cindy, amel, anita, me

i just can took a pic with this froyo without touched and ate it cz i'm still have flu. HIX

all of my friends always teased me to eat it..huhuhhuuuhuhu

Actually,,there are dewanti but she must went home first cz she had another plan, and lani couldnt come here cz she had 'muntaber' for lani,,hope u get well soon..