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27 May 2010

Vote me - Metro Fashion Fling

Metro Fashion Fling

It's very easy to join. But first and most important thing, you have to pick which theme are more into you. Are you "Delightfully Dreamy" or "Eclectically Edgy"?
After that, go follow these easy steps :
a. Click through this link,
b. Log in with your Twitter or Facebook account, then
c. Upload your pictures
d. You could also ask your friends to join the participate, by commenting or rating the other submission for a chance to be selected as daily winner.

Just in case you ever wonder, here's how the winner get picked :
a. 3 winners will be picked to win the grand prize, IDR 3.000.000 worth of Metro Voucher. 1 is the most voted winner and the other 2 will be picked by Metro team. So, it means, participants have to ask many friends to vote for them to be the most voted winner.
b. 1 person will be selected everyday for daily winner where she or he can win IDR 100.000 just by giving rate or commenting on the submitted pictures.

So, are you joining the contest? Well, I guess, you don't want to miss this one.
You should hurry up, because it's already opened and will be open until June 05, 2010!

So, vote me for this contest..
what you have to do is just visit this website HERE! and log in with your twitter or fb account then click vote!
i hope i can win..thx for your participate

25 May 2010

Glisters and blisters giveaway

long time no blogging and posting. i have a hectic week now,,i must finish all of the duty in my research for my thesis..and i dont have new pic of mine, so i just wanna post this giveaway from Glisters and blisters
FYI: there are two winners to win a pair of colored tights of your choice courtesy of We Love Colors !

so u can enter it by click here.
Gud luck for me and you too
may the best win

21 May 2010

elegant white dress

my dress was arrived. I've ordered a white dress from Konyu clothing
I'm very satisfied with this sexy and elegant, isn't it?

drees: Konyu Clothing (online shop)
heels: unbranded (i bought it in Bazar @ Semanggi Plaza)
Neklace: Singapore (i forgot the name of the shop)
hat: u.N.u.S.u.A.l

19 May 2010

colorfull runway

Long time no visit teenvogue. So, i use my spare time to visit the fashion show. I like colorfull dress like those that used by channel and Luella

15 May 2010

photoshoot with my sister

yesterday, i went to MOI in Kelapa Gading with dad, cindy, moldy, vilent, and wilona (my sister).
Then we decided to have dinner and while we were waiting all of the food,,wilona and me took some pictures..

12 May 2010

08 May 2010

girls night out

weekend has arrived!! several woman including me among the others, decided to sleepover in angel's apartment in MOI, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. After we finished our research in laboratorium, we went together to there and had dinner.
The members were me, nana, jeli, febri, angel (owner of the apartment), christy, tania, lieke, nato.

clockwise: christy, angel, febri, me, jeli, tania, lieke, nana

me with tania. We try to make a love shape, how do u thik about the shape?

After that, we back to apartment and did some preparation like make up and dressed up. This was my outfit for the night.

animal print dress: N.y.L.a (actually it's a dress but i wear it as shirt)
short pants: arnesio Plaza semanggi
Batik sandals: unbranded Arion Mall
bandana: unbranded (actually its a long neklace but i wear it as bandana)

LR: ebi, tania, jeli (back); nana, angel, nato, lieke, christy, me (front)

i like this photo very much,,so natural..

we must did manequins pose but some of the girls didnt realize it

all of those photos were taken in front of the room. And photos below were taken in Blitz MOI

We took those pics when we waiting a film begun. we watch 'the man who stairs at the goats'. we decided to watch it cz it midnight film. but the film was so boring..all of us were sleep in cinema and we felt the film was so long, i thought that it tooks 3 hours but it was only 1.5 hours.
after that, we back to appartment and slept.

In the morning, after we had breakfast, we swam for 1 hours

after that, we had lunch and walked around the mall and the apartment, and took some pics. Then, we decided to back home. This weekend was so fun..

I bought a yellow ring that have mickey mouse shape just for IDR 4500.

so cute, isnt it??