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30 June 2010

Wu ji bi fan

'Wu ji bi fan'
berlatih terlalu banyak itu tidak baik
practicing too much is not good
(quote from KARATE KID movie)

i've just get another award from Felicia Marcellina. Thank you and sorry for the late post.
The award is about sparkling blog and and i think my blog's sparkling especially from my header and my design..So, i think its can be an answer about that i like the most from my own blog. So, this is the award..

I will pass this to:
The rules of this award :
1. As soon as you took this award, make a blog-post about this,
answer this question : "What do you like the most about your own blog?"
2. And pass this award to another ten lovely ladies (pick different people)
and write down the line from who you got this with links. example,

That's it. Enjoy your award, lovely ladies.

27 June 2010

first for Miss Dorothy

Happy first anniversary to my blog,,Miss Dorothy.
I can't post anything else cz now, i'm still struggling with my thesis and preparing my last exam to get 3 words behind my name (bachelor degree).

23 June 2010

luvly hat

Besides rings, i like to spent my money for buy hat..and i dont have new hat until now. So, i just can post some of stunning hat.

While i was open my hardisk, i found these photos..And i like them very much. Cute girls, isn't she??

wohoooo,,i've received another award from Eugenia Maria Efendy. Thank you and sorry for the late post. For the reader, this is an award for indonesian blogger so i answered the question with indonesia language.

1. Berapa blog yang kamu punya dan berapa umurnya?
Hanya satu yaitu Miss Dorothy ini. Aku pertama kali buat blog ini tanggal 26 Juni 2009, so 1 tahun kurang 3 hari. wow,,sebentar lagi blogku ulang tahun *baru sadar*. Aku juga punya twitter, chictopia, bloglovin, independent fashion blogger tapi aku ga tau apakah itu termasuk blog atau bukan.

2. Sejak kapan kamu mengenal dunia blog?
Sejak SMA *sekarang aku kuliah semester akhir*

3. Mengapa tertarik membuat blog dan untuk apa?
Klo dibilang aku suka cerita, salah banget! Jadi aku buat ini karena dorongan dari teman-temanku yang suka melihat foto2ku dengan pakaian2 yang fashion. So,aku berminat membuat blog dan menjadi fashion blogger.

4. Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan blog kamu?
Kekurangannya: ada yang bilang loadingnya sedikit lama. Kelebihannya: banyak yang suka dengan header dan design dari blog ku. Header dan latar belakang serta design blog ku, aku buat sendiri loh..*membanggakan diri sendiri.LOL*

5. Award dan tag ini berikan kepada 5 teman blogger yang lain.
Saya nyatakan award ini resmi diberikan untuk... Ladyulia, Alviana Kalin, Lia Waroka Putri, Castor Pollux, Devina Kencana

18 June 2010

d'PLUSH Fac Tory and giveaway

I just wanna tell about online shop d'PLUSH Fac Tory. This online shop was formed by me, nana, febri, and felicia. We decided to sell any kind of jewelry cz we like those esp rings. So, d'PLUSH Fac Tory was established. For now, we only serve the purchaser from Indonesia via facebook. If u wanna to see more,, click here.

Those are some example of rings that we sell. There are neklace, earrings, and bracelet.
So,,lets shopping there d'PLUSH Fac Tory.

Happy shopping


i'm join miss chelle's giveaway
She got gifts from WE LOVE COLORS from USA. amazing tights, socks, gloves, legging and anything you want in massive choice of color. choose things those you want and simply request the colours you want them to be. easy, simple and fantastic! :D

anyways, she wanna giving away the socks! :D she has got 3 choices you can pick!
GREEN, RED and WHITE with black stripes. sounds fantastic enough? :)

well, here are the requirements
1. Follow her blog
2. Tell as many people as you can, spread the giveaway
3. Indonesian Bloggers only, sorry for any inconvenience

4. Follow her twitter

Tell her when you've done that, now.. Simply send to her your photo with any outfit that represents "COLORS of your dream", they can be more than 1 photo, send to :! :) do whatever you want and go crazy with that. It finishes on 1st July! so you got plenty of time to work it out. she will announce the winner on that day.

Join it,,click here
Gud luck

13 June 2010

all about summer

houghhh,, i smell holiday scent..summer time. Sea, sand, sun, beach. i can imagine it that it will so much fun.
cz of many things to do before that so i just can only searching about summer vacation and i find these info.

All of them are summer fashion in hot region (not in the beach).

Some celebrity with their summer outfit.

Summer in beach, especially beach style are definitely related to bikinis.

Besides outfit, there are some hair style that that can make you more comfortable when summer holiday.

So, all of them make me impatient and curious about my holiday.

source: teenvogue